Bird Bones

Location:Enid, Oklahoma

Year:    2020

Team:    Romy Owens
         Michael Shuck
         Obelisk Engineering
         Rholman Welding
         Kline Signs


Commissioned in 2017 to design a pavilion for a local artist in Enid, Oklahoma. Throughout the collaboration the artist indicated that she would like a large scale pavilion that could be installed on a city block south of the existing Enid convention center. The artist intended to create a star field in the top section of the pavilion. The overarching theme was to represent the concept of a mother’s protective wing. This referenced both the relationship between the artist and her mother as well as the relationships we all have with the rest of humanity and the world as a whole. 

Metaphorically, the pavilion can be seen as an abstracted anatomy of a bird’s wing, frozen in motion and connected to a centralized invisible spine. The intention of the invisible spine was to later become the star field running through the top of the pavilion. The frames that make up the pavilion towers were conceived as a tunnel of contracting and expanding spaces filling the length of the site with unqiue, interconnected public spaces. Acitivities like teenage daydreaming, public performances or private walks were some of the imagined spatial programs along the central path.

This space, under her wing, opens on one end to the East facing longstanding community supporters Park Avenue Thrift and to the North facing the newly completeted Stride Bank Center and Downtown Enid. The site layout and restored prairie concept were developed with the City of Enid, Oklahoma and approved prior to finalizing the design. A restored prairie concept and associated planning was developed with collaborator Owens and continues its developement today.

Construction was completed in 2020.