The Veranda

The HiLo Club

“Diversity on Tap Since 1954:
Dear HiLo customers, friends, neighbors, fellow Okies and beyond. 
We are honored, and quite frankly, overwhelmed. So man yof you have displayed an outpouring of love and admiration for not only the iconic Donnay Building but the HiLo Club as well. We’re speechless. Well, almost speechless...


From our patrons to our employees, the Hilo family is a mized bag of doughnuts. Inside these walls, all types of communities and backgrounds intertwine. Come inside and you’ll find what makes Oklahoma an amazinng place to live. Or, even visit. Inside you’ll find a wide range of Okies - LGBTQ, heteros, men, women, rockabillies, lawyers, black, white, blude collar, white collar, Christians, atheists and more...”

- Posted in the HiLo club, Written by Chris Simon. Typo’s by adam Lanman

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The HiLo Club (also Hilo or Hi-Lo), is a bar and nightclub in Oklahoma City. It was established in 1956[1] as a private establishment that provided music and drinks to thirsty Okies during its long prohibition struggle until its full repeal which legalized liquor by the drink in Oklahoma in 1985.[2] As liquor by the drink was legalized the "club" became a hub for the homosexual community of the 1980s.[3][4]

According to Bob Blackburn, the executive director of the Oklahoma Historical Society, bootlegging was part of Oklahoma culture and the readiness of alcohol became one of the reasons it took so long to be repealed. [5] Eventually, without the full repeal of alcohol, "Keeping alcohol from the guys at the packing plants or the oil fields is one thing,” Blackburn said.  “But keeping alcohol from the members of the country club or those who are running the banks downtown and suddenly they can’t give alcohol to their buddies in New York City, then suddenly you start getting their attention.”[5]

The building was designed by Matt Donnay and is thought to be one of the first in the Oklahoma City area that consisted of restaurants, residential and retail in the same building.[6] The HiLo Club was one of its first tenants and its future at this location is uncertain as the Donnay Building is under contract to be purchased and demolished by well known dairy chain: Braum's[1][7][8]


Location: HiLo Club, Donnay Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Year:    In Process

Team:    Obelisk Engineering
         HiLo Club
         Beans the Bar Cat

This project entails the design for a renovation and roofing addition to an existing 1,200 Square Foot side building, attached to the existing HiLo Club in Oklahoma City, converting it from existing interior living space to an outdoor flex space/patio.

The design includes a new patio, planning and layout of new ADA unisex water closets, and a new overhead “trellis” steel structure to protect the patio zone from rain and elements as well as provide architectural unity and covered walk space to the existing HiLo club to the West.

Existing openings in the brick facade are infilled with decorative block for security and air flow. The interior walls and lighting concept were designed to provide a distincly split personality space between night and day. 

The design was envisioned for multiple flexible uses and included a concept for Oklahoma’s largest indoor porch swing which was later planned to phase into an outdoor bar area.

Please support your local community and go get a drink at the HiLo tonight!