“Although a little noisy at first, in a bizarre twist of fate, electronic music became popular in France in the 1890’s before fizzling out in favor of Swing music – which somehow made an early appearance in the 1900’s. In another alternative timeline, the Beatles never existed and England invented popcorn and hamburgers in the 1840’s. Damn, that’s what almost happened last time again, thought Scrooby tensely, while maneuvering himself onto a stronger looking branch. Details, everything was about the details. Sometimes there was almost too much detail to keep up with.”

― Christina Engela, The Time Saving Agency

Location:Oklahoma City University School of Law
         Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Year:    2016

Team:    Downtown OKC Partnership
         Smith Design
         Current Studio

This project is visual timeline that operates as an installation artwork and public informational display. Conceptually the project is an urban intervention using installation art in an existing public space and secondarily a means of promoting the positive changes that downtown has seen in the last 60 years.

The unique nature of this highly visible site is taken advantage of through the installation. The installed objects are aligned to the horizon line to integrate visually into the audiences view of the downtown Oklahoma City skyline. The timeline was a color-coded system of fabric screens, each representing a year in the development of the downtown Oklahoma City skyline.

The installation accounts for the past 60 years of development in downtown using categories of change as the color key system of each panel. The final installation acted as an activator of the public space and correlated to an online timeline website that could be accessed by individual viewers.