Shift: Factory Obscura

“When we shift our perception, our experience changes. “
- Lindsay Wagner

Location:Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Year:    2017

Team:    Factory Obscura


Imagine a shift

where compassion factories are built of bubble gum and gumption
with bellies full of pulleys dancing
stamping out all the places you belong
handing out truth-samples on every corner
not the GMO-microwaved truth you grew up on
but genuine organic non-degradable grade-A truth that gets in your bones

Imagine a shift

where every day there plays an orchestra of belong
where oboes ooze enlightenment
electric guitars strum transcendence
medicine bows stroke stomach strings and we are drained of our pains
where cellos know our names
and accordions convince us that we are enough

Imagine a shift

where we hitchhike scared shitless all the way to Machu Pichu
where our costumes all fall off
where we nurture our senses in our wombs
and when they emerge from our bodies blood beautiful we know
that they have loved us their entire lives

Imagine a shift

where we are no longer terrified to survive
where with our hands we have felted the wool of our own security
filled our lungs with the oxygen of audacity
where our ribs have bent to hold our heart our art
because time is temporary and life is short and love is very, very long

Imagine a shift

where you are your own heart’s desire
where all the gardens are tended all the dogs have homes
all the babies are tickled all the orphanages are empty
where all the candy has been tasted and all the oceans swum
and all the songs the songs have all been sung

and we toss our televisions into this here pile
and no one’s a dick
not 7th grade you or Big Easy you or Burning Man you or law-school you
but we have been interwoven we have been chosen
to invent new ways of being now

yes, born without our consent, but not to survive to rise
like all the suns we waited up to see, and to shine in this time
to carve our names in the caves of every mountain we climb
to let our bones be soft and our scars be old and our doubts be thin
and to let us now begin.

Angie LaPaglia

Inspired by SHIFT, Factory Obscura Poet Laureate Angie LaPaglia composed and performed this poem at our Midnight Dinner, incorporating survey responses from attendees about their memories, dreams, and wishes.

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