Selfie: LOADed

A picture isn’t worth falling off a cliff for.

A tourist in England is lucky to be alive after falling off the side of a cliff. Apparently, the man was attempting to pose for a picture when he lost his footing.

The tourist survived the fall because the tide happened to be in at the time, The Sun reports. After falling 120 feet, the man reportedly landed in four feet of water.

The incident happened on Sunday at Old Harry Rocks, a rock formation that sits over the ocean in Dorset.

Ian Brown, a member of the Swanage lifeboat team, who helped rescue the man, spoke with The Sun about the situation.

He said, “I honestly don’t know how he is still alive today. It is a sheer drop of anywhere between 90ft to 120ft there. The tide was in at the time and he landed in the water. It wouldn’t have been that deep, probably 4ft at most.”

He continued, “He is incredibly lucky to have suffered relatively minor injuries. Apparently, he was conscious and talking and was fine. His injuries were reported to have been cuts and bruises.”

A man who was on a fishing boat in the area, Jack Reagan, told the news outlet, “One of them yelled out that somebody had fallen over the cliff.  I looked over to my left and there was a guy swimming in the water towards a kayak. He managed to grab onto the front of the kayak and was helped to the shore.”

After describing how workers helped the man by keeping him warm after pulling him from the water, Reagan said, “I can’t believe that he is alive. He should go and buy a lottery ticket; he is that lucky.”


Location:Norman, Oklahoma

Year:    2015

The seduction of individualism reduces us from a member of a community to a supposedly independent unit. This in turn makes one far less likely to resist any paradigm of social identity presented as “most acceptable” to be the independent individual, and far more subservient to both real and imagined forces that shape ones identity. The most fragile identity is the one most easily destroyed by its contemporaries. The installation is a mechanism for the process of destruction, bringing into public consciousness questions surrounding indeas of individual identity creation.

This project presents three constructs made of reclaimed windows from a 1950s ranch house in Dexter, Kansas. Each window is outfitted with a device that will destroy the glass if triggered. The participant enters the space in a central location between the windows and is presented with three triggers each attached to a loaded device pointed at the transparent window on which a word representing an emotional goal is written. It is clear that upon triggering any of these divices the viewer will in turn break the glass attached to that piece. The viewer at this point meets a moment of complicit interaction with the destruction of the piece.

The project is an exploration of loaded tensions between emotion and action of the particpant.

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