Studio(s) and Research Projects:
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01.Park(ing) Day
02.aLLey Light
03.Body Politics
04.inter ACT
06.AG: in the visible
07.Neighborhood Collage
08.APFR: playground report
09.Speculative Infrastructures
10.POD Camp
11.Trash Trailer
12.Mapping New Babylon

Research Statement:

I was raised in small midwestern towns, the youngest of four brothers, with two ordained ministers as parents. As a family we engaged communities seeking new places to fellowship together. We worked with these groups to help them develop and build churches either in existing buildings or from the ground up. Between the ages of seven and eighteen we went through this process in six different communities. Through this formative experience I learned firsthand the nature of community development and its impact. 

Throughout this same period of time I was fascinated with graphic novels, rpg’s, pinewood derby, and model making. I would draw, I would imagine, and I would make. Today my work is heavily influenced by the connection between art, story, and craft and the connection of all three to community space.

In my graduate studies I began intense exploration of MMOG environments while comparing these to historical playgrounds and multiple theories of play and learning. I became fascinated by the small, ergonomically designed objects that allowed us to explore expansive, community driven, digital worlds while remaining fixed in our home environments. It seemed obvious enough that these new ‘toys’ presented a rich zone of architectural potential. Today’s architecture is adapting to the disjunction between the locally crafted and globally digitized world at a rapid pace. The intertwining of global craft and culture is expanding our world view on a daily basis. I am interested in projects that explore the potential of these ideas in our built environment.

My work and research projects are always evolving. Each new project, studio collaborator, or context adds to and refines my experience. Current research includes an illustrated survey of American playgrounds, a multi-cultural community market concept, and design intersections between augmented reality in installation art.

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