Tiny House 01

“Dusk has dawned, I hear its call,
above the world I’ve watched it fall;
I smell blood and I smell bone,
and I smell fear coated in gold;
Grind your bread and bake their teeth,
and death will come while you’re asleep;
I will rage. I will rage.

‘Til the mountains crumble down,
and oceans become heaven’s crown;
Land sinks low, the gold runs dry,
and when these bones rain from the sky;
‘Til the giants fall to myth,
and none remains to journey with;
I will stand. I will stand.

I will stand for my homeland,
for nowhere else could bear my hand;
I will stand by friend and kin,
we share the gold under our skin;
I will stand ‘til my death comes,
and as my soul greets sky and sun,
I will sing, I will sing,

― Emory R. Frie, Giant Country

Location:Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Year:    In Process

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