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Kanso – The Art of Simplicity

What Is Kanso

Kanso is the art of simplicity and the elimination of clutter within your personal space. This embraces the ‘less is more’ approach and stands behind the belief that things are best expressed in a plain manner. It’s important to not focus on the aspect of decorating with Kanso. More so the goal of clarity - keep it clean and simple, don’t adorn or over embellish.[1]

Fukinsei – Asymmetry In Design

What Is Fukinsei

Fukinsei is a principle that stands for irregularity or asymmetry. This stems from the concept of ‘Zen’ which maintains the idea that balance can be controlled through irregularity and that there is a balanced asymmetry. This doesn’t mean everything in your house should be lopsided, rather a balance has to be established across the entire space.

Shizen – Natural Over Artificial

What Is Shizen

Shizen is an adjective that means “to be natural”. It encourages natural creativity (that is not forced) through the absence of fakeness and artificialness. This involves intentionally creating a space that has that natural feel.

Wabi  Sabi – Beauty Of Imperfections

What is Wabi-Sabi

Wabi-sabi means finding beauty in imperfection. It combines the principles of Shizen and Kanso and refers to living in simplicity while being at one with the surrounding nature. It encourages you to accept the imperfections of what is around you and embrace an authentic interior design.

Seijaku – Bring Stillness Inside

What is Seijaku

Seijaku can mean a range of things like “tranquility”, “stillness” or “solitude”. The best way to think of it is to imagine you’re in the open space of a Japanese garden, and the sense of calmness it exudes - this is what Seijaku is all about. In relation to interior design, Seijaku encourages you to embrace a design that allows for calmness and solitude via open spaces.

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