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“Adam is truly a Visionary. We came to him with a simple concept: help us create a communal gathering space in a previously underused parking lot, so we can curate seasonal experiences and pop-up events, on a limited budget.  Adam took the time to visit the site, meet with us and ensure he understood our long-term goals before providing us with a shareable, sustainable + flexible site plan that incorporated elements we had not even considered before (like rotating art panels, to showcase new artists work and a 2nd story patio that converts our storage container into a stage).

Adam marries form and function in his work, while incorporating thoughtful strategy to ensure the end result complies to city and state regulations and meets the goals of his clients.

It was a joy working with him on this project plus I look forward to future opportunities to work with him.”

-Hillary Self, Founder, Higher Self Experiential Marketing Agency,

“I first became aware of Adam Lanman through his work at an opening in Oklahoma City. Models of miniature organic balsa, paper and wire cities masterfully assembled with surgical intricacy. I was gob smacked! Who was this mad wizard that conjured these from the ether? Well as it turns out this really nice guy named Adam.

Adam’s artistry and talent, in the 2D and 3D realm, and his passion for inventive problem solving puts him in a class of the very few. Adam is not only a major inspiration to me, but a collaborator, a sounding board, and a friend.”

-Matt Goad, Artist,

“I love working with Adam because he searches and sketches until he captures the spirit of a project. Adam’s sketchbook somehow represents ideas that I wasn’t yet able to articulate”

-Nathan Pratt, Sculptor, Fireflies


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